Studies in National Defence Academy of Latvia and service in NAF

LNDA offers young people studying opportunities in 4 professional higher education study programmes. High school graduates can study in Professional Bachelor’s degree programmes in Land Force, Air Force or Navy military leadership. Duration of studies is 4 years or 4 years and 6 months. Depending on chosen field of study, the study programmes are carried out in cooperation with Riga Technical University or Latvian Maritime Academy.

The Professional higher education program `Commanding officer` offers young people with academic or second level professional higher education to study in National Defence Academy of Latvia to acquire second level professional higher education. Total duration of studies after candidate cadets training- 1 year and 3 months.

Prior to studies in LNDA all recruited candidates must pass candidate cadets course program- 13 weeks in NAF Infantry School (Alūksne) and 8 weeks in School of Instructors (Cēsis) at NAF. For `Commanding Officer` study program an additional 8 week training segment is planned.

The objective of the program is to prepare motivated and professional leaders for commanding positions in NAF units.

Along the professional programmes LNDA provides Officer Specialist Basic Course. Admission to Officer Specialist Basic Course is for graduates of Latvia’s higher education institutions- doctors, lawyers, theologians, conductors, psychologists. The objective of Officer Specialist Basic Course is to prepare military specialists who will perform their officer rank duties in NAF units according to their specialty.

According to military retirement pay, specifications, and perspective during military service officers can be posted to career and qualifications courses in Latvia or abroad, to international operations and service in NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) HQs.