Baltic Naval Intermediate Command and Staff Course (NICSC)

The Baltic Naval Intermediate Command and Staff Course (NICSC) was designed for the education of three Baltic States Naval Forces junior officers.

The course is conducted once a year (January – June) and lasts 22/23 weeks. The number of the course participants varies every year from 10 to 20. The official language of the course is English.

Since January 2007 twelve courses have already been conducted at the Latvian National Defence Academy. They were successfully graduated by 160 national and international students: 26 Estonian, 48 Lithuanian, 1 Polish, 2 Swedish and 86 Latvian officers.

NICSC was created under Baltic Naval Committee (BNC) guideline, taking into account requirements and ideas from Military Committee (MC), Baltic Military Committee (MilC) and Latvian NAF Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC).

NICSC Mission

NICSC educates naval officers to be capable to plan and conduct maritime operations at tactical level (TU/TG) utilizing previously gained expert knowledge in their own field of specialization.

  • After graduation, officers are able to perform creatively as part of his/her job ‑ those of a military leader, at tactical level in their own field of expertise.
  • Officers are able to apply NATO doctrine, tactics and procedures related to the tactical employment of maritime forces in a safe and effective manner.
  • Provide “second level” military education for Baltic States naval officers;
  • Prepare naval officers for future attendance and studies at Baltic Defence College (hereinafter – BALTDEFCOL) JCGSC - Joint Command and General Staff Course.


NICSC is divided into four main modules:

  1. Teambuilding, leadership and academic research.
  2. Maritime strategic environment.
  3. Maritime warfare.
  4. Planning and conducting of maritime operations.

All procedures and formats in all subjects are designed according to NATO standards wherever relevant and applicable. The teaching basically is oriented to the tactical level. The NICSC emphasizes the modern officership principles and assists in the preparation of officers for work according to NATO procedures and formats in NAF headquarters and units as well as NATO headquarters.

The following Learning Areas are providing the framework for the educational activities of the NICSC: Naval Weapons, Maritime Communications, NATO Maritime Doctrines, Tactics and Procedures, National security of the Small States, Leadership and staff officer’s skills.

Teaching methods include lectures, syndicate tasks, tests, examinations (including academic research paper defence session) and practical sea-based staff training exercise.

NICSC students are taught by civilian and military experts from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, USA, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Norway, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, lecturers from Latvian University (LU) and Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL), also Allied Maritime Command HQ Northwood (MCC NORTH), US NAVEUR, EGUERMIN military experts.

Upon successful completion of course programme naval officers are granted the certificates, badges and Academic references.