Aizsardzības tehnoloģiju un inovācijas centrs


Par centru

About the center 

The Defense Technology and Innovation Center (DTIC) was established in 2021 as an applied research unit of the National Defense Academy of Latvia.

DTIC is a mixed personnel structure, where both professional military servicemen and civilian employees with previous military experience or knowledge that meets the requirements of the Latvian National Armed Forces (NAF) work together.

The primary goal of the DTIC is to promote the testing, evaluation and implementation of new technologies and solutions in the NAF.

The fulfillment of the goals is basically carried out by involving and coordinating NAF experts, within the framework of innovation support projects co-financed by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Latvia (MOD grants, European Defense Fund, National Defense Research Program, etc.).

DTIC also implements and manages projects assigned by the Ministry of Defense, as well as the NAF, which currently include areas such as the implementation of the 5G system and the improvement of the use of the Irbene radio telescope.

DTIC also represents NAF internationally, with the US Michigan National Guard and the US Combat Capability Development Command among the best known cooperation partners.

Phased research and development procurements are also implemented, as well as related testing/evaluation procedures or development of new legislation.



For ideas and suggestions contact
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Defense Technology and Innovation Centre
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