Drošības un stratēģiskās pētniecības centrs




To ensure the development of security and defense policy as a science, and to raise awareness of these issues among the Latvian public.



1. Researching defense and security policy issues and formulating policy recommendations.
2. Development of studies on various aspects of the development of the Latvian National Armed Forces (NAF).
3. Integration into an internationally recognized academic and scientific environment.
4. Raising awareness of the Latvian public on current security and defense issues through public events (seminars, discussions and conferences).
5. Creation and maintenance of a progressive, viable and dynamic academic environment at the National Defense Academy of Latvia (NDAL), thus ensuring the development of the NDAL and a favorable environment for the education process of the NAF officers.



National Defense Academy of Latvia
Security and Strategic Research Centre 

Ezermalas Street 8B, Riga, Latvia, LV-1014
Phone: +371 67076881 
Fax: +371 67076888