About NDAL

The National Defence Academy of Latvia (further in the text – NDAL) was established on February 13th, 1992, when the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia adopted the resolution No.54 on establishment of the Academy of Defence Ministry. The founder of NDAL is the State represented by The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia. NDAL acts in accordance with the Law on Higher Education Establishments.

NDAL is the institution of higher education and science of the Republic of Latvia and strives to achieve its goals by implementing professional study programs and performing scientific research activities in military field. In regard to military service issues, NDAL is under direct command of the commander of Latvian National Armed Forces.

The basic task of NDAL is to prepare professionally educated command and military personnel for the defence of Latvian state, organize and perform research in the area of defence and security, educate new generation of military intellectuals, who are able to assume responsibility and successfully command military units to ensure state defence and security.

The main directions of NDAL activities are:

1) officer training for military service in the Latvian National Armed Forces;

2) research in military area, necessary for improving the state defence and ensuring of NDAL activities;

3) improving of professional skills and retraining of state defence system personnel;

4) preparing and publication of training materials, textbooks, handbooks and scientific works.

The citizens of the Republic of Latvia are enrolled in NDAL by competitive examination, in accordance with the Law on Higher Education Establishments and the terms of enrolment.