Student Council

Student Council of the National Defence Academy of Latvia is the supreme decision-making body of the students' self-government, which is the main independent body representing the rights and interests of the students of the Academy.

The aim of the activities of the Student Council is to represent the students of the National Defence Academy of Latvia and to defend their rights and interests, as well as to promote the development of education and science in the military sphere in cooperation with the responsible institutions.

In 2013, the Student Council founded the association "Cadet Club", reg. No 40008208413, registered in the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia on 12 April 2013. In 2013, new statutes for the Student Council were drafted and approved, and distinctive marking for each study year were created and introduced.

In 2013, for the first time in the history of the NDAL, the Student Council received its own budget. The Student Council is active in the social life of the students. Regular events are organized with students from other universities, and cadets participate in student (cadet) exchange programmes at foreign military academies.

The tasks of the Student Council are:

1) to represent and promote the National Defence Academy of Latvia;
2) cooperate with students and self-governments of other universities in Latvia and abroad;
3) to explore the needs, interests and aspirations of students to improve the academic process and make suggestions for improvement;
4) organize and coordinate students' extra-curricular activities;
5) inform students about the activities of the Student Council;
6) draft the budget of the Student Council and supervise its implementation;
7) to develop the main lines of its action.

The address of the Student Council is Riga, Ezermalas iela 8B, LV-1014, e-mail:

Positions at the Student Council:

Chairman of the Student Council  
Deputy Chairman of the Student Council
Head of Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC)
Deputy Head of CIMIC
Head of Culture
Deputy Head of Culture
Head of Sports
Deputy Head of Sports
Cadet Club Manager
Deputy Manager of the Cadet Club
Head of Academic Field